UP TO 4 years extended Warranty

All SPACE’s seats are covered under warranty for a period of 3 years with an optional extension of 1 year. Warranty for all accessories are covered for 1 year unless otherwise stated. The warranty shall be effective for purchases products as of the date of delivery.
For warranty extension, please refer and fill up the form here.

What our Warranty Covers?

What Exclude from our Warranty?

Disclaimer of warranty

SPACE reserves the right to determine whether a benefit under this warranty may be claimed. Any item requiring
replacement due to any of the Exclusions will be at the purchaser’s expense. SPACE
reserves the right to decide whether a component should be repaired or replaced.

*To benefit under this warranty, SPACE must be notified via whatsapp or email ( of any defect occurred. SPACE reserves the right to request images or videos of claimed defect in order to resolve the claim properly

Limitation on Transferability of Warranty

SPACE warranty is valid only for original purchaser that bought from our authorized channels.
Our authorized channels are (a) the website and (b) any store registered in the name of SPACE My entity on online or offline marketplaces.

If you have questions about the transferability of your warranty, please contact