SPACE - Ergonomic Laptop Stand

SPACE - Ergonomic Laptop Stand

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SPACE | ERGONOMIC LAPTOP STAND - The adjustable and foldable laptop stand that gives you a comfortable 6-levels of adjustable ergonomic angle when you work all day, giving your neck and posture a natural viewing angle, reducing stress and promoting blood circulation.

Foldable and portable design for easy on-the-go storage with great devices and laptop compatibility produced with industrial-grade aluminium alloy. 

SPACE Ergonomic Laptop Stand is exquisite in design, but full of great features.


Foldable & Portable

6-adjustable angles

Great compatibility

Anti-slip silicone

Heat Dissipation

Aluminium alloy

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Improve posture, protect cervical and lumbar spine.


Adjustable Angle


Design to relieve fatigue

Trilateral structure design

Providing the best durability and stability.


Compatibility with Laptop


Usage and function

Suspended Design

Dissipate heat evenly and efficiently.

Mobile on-the-go

Foldable and Portable design

Anti-slip silicone pad

Increased grip for stability to protect your device.

Highly-durable POM washer

Ensure the smoothest touch and great damping.

Aluminium allow frame

Industrial-grade materials to ensure the best quality.